If you’re interested in Franklin Roosevelt’s Public Power initiative, keep your eye on author By Mark C. Borton. His new book, Moondoggle: Franklin Roosevelt and the Fight for Tidal-Electric Power at Passamaquoddy Bay, has been attracting audience’s attention at places like the Henry L. Ferguson Museum, Connecticut Public Television, the Knox Museum and Essex Library.

And Borton is no stranger to our oceans. He was the creator, and for 13 years, the publisher of the Embassy Boating Guide series of books covering the east coast of the United States from Maine to Florida. The New York Times said, “Embassy Guide is all that most skippers will want or need to know,” and Sail magazine called it, “The ultimate guide in copious content and style.” The four volumes have gone through a total of 41 printed editions and have sold more than one quarter of a million copies. Borton also created the Maptech Waterproof Chart series, which now includes 92 titles.

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